Translation: €0.06 – €0.10 per word, depending on the complexity of the text and editing requirements. Or €15 hourly.

Translation from English to Portuguese and vice versa (or Spanish to EN/PT): This is the main service I offer. I hold a background as a hotel receptionist intern in Tivoli Hotels and Resorts and 1 year logistic experience with AUCHAN Retail.

My spelling and grammar are at a fluent level. I have translated, proofread and written for clients from Europe (Denmark), but also outside Europe through UpWork. I have more than 8 years of experience with different European languages – English, Spanish and French.

Customer Support: Hourly rate: €15.

To translate your website, blog, printing material or other kind of content is the first step to  access to a new audience and expand your business. You certainly will need to keep an ongoing contact with your new clients to keep their interest in your products or services. That includes fast, clear and kind replies to their questions, to keep them updated about your news, offers and so on. I can assist you with fast, clear and kin replies to their questions, to keep them updated about your news, offers, etc.

Edition, Correction and Proofreading: €0.04 – per word.

 I provide editing, correction and proofreading services on all text types you already have translated. I am very detail-oriented, which allows me to provide you the quality and accurate translation you need that keeps your intended message.

Writing: €100 per 1500-2000 words

You can get a 10% discount for large volumes of text.

As a writer I convey your ideas to your target readers through easy to understand and interesting content. I write, ghostwrite, proofread and edit articles, advertisements, manuals, e-books and more.

Newsletters: Package 1 includes 2 newsletters per week (250,00€ a week) while package 2 includes 4 newsletters per week (500,00€ a week) 

For that amount, I’ll:

  • Interview, research the competition and make general research work. I’ve researched over 30 areas for my personal blog, so I know exactly what to look for and where to find reliable information.
  • Write up to 750-word in a fun, conversational style that readers will enjoy.
  • Send you a keyword-rich headline that’s optimized for search engines and social media — and that will attract clicks.
  • Revise the first document and edit until you’re thrilled with it.
  • Create the newsletter, edit images and set automation for your audiences (including to your social media accounts).

I can also offer these newsletters translated to Portuguese if you need too, though this will be an extra.


Basic HTML, SEO and social media

WordPress | Blogger

MailChimp  | AKENEO (Beta similar to Magento)

Magento | MemoQ

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