Jéssica Senhorinha

Jéssica Senhorinha

If you seek to expand the visibility of your business in Portugal and other Portuguese-speaking countries, this website will present you with a strong candidate to your needs.

My name is Jéssica Senhorinha, I am a native Portuguese-speaking translator and writer from Portugal who holds certification as a Hotel receptionist and a level 2 in IT. These alongside with nutrition and holistic medicine certifications.

I have vast experience with customer support and currently building experience as a freelance translator and proofreader.

On my portfolio you can also find some of my personal newsletters creation and e-books/guides for my parenting blog.

I can perform accurate translations from English, Spanish and French to Portuguese (and PT to EN) and am available for a skill test.

Learn more about my services, please check my portfolio and contact me for a quote/skill test.


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Jéssica Senhorinha


jessicasenhorinha@outlook.com        +351 91 235 4724



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